Invisible Autism – Invisible Disabilities

I am Autistic

My Autism is invisible

It is hiding on the inside

Things in my mind

I do not share

When I cover my ears

and I bow my head.

Sometimes the world is so loud

I can not breathe

Suffocating in the sound

I hold myself tight

Trying to rock away the pain

For a moment I am visible

Did anybody notice?

My eyes dart around the room

Distracted people

My pain is hidden

I remain invisible

A poem inspired by Invisible Illness Awareness week

#ThisIsChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #InvisibleAutism #ActuallyAutistic #SheCantBeAutistic


18 thoughts on “Invisible Autism – Invisible Disabilities”

  1. This is such a beautifully written poem. Made me cry actually. I am also one of the invisible and undiagnosed. “For a moment I am visible – did anybody notice?” sort of links the two other sections of the poem together. Thanks for sharing that. You know, having an invisible illness is sort of like walking down a crowded street – nobody notices until you slam into a telephone booth or something – you wave everyone away and then everyone goes back to not noticing. My analogies can be stupid sometimes. Sorry.

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  2. Which is the problem for modern psychologists and psychiatrists: they need to measure their work with a ruler.

    What you have highlighted is a serious problem when it comes to understanding the invisible. All a medically trained person can do is suppress the symptoms – usually with a highly specific kind of tranquilizer. It’ll help for a while, but is not an answer to the problem.

    The real answer lies in a true understanding of the process of the illness – something one can only work out for oneself, within oneself. That means a professional psychiatrist has to break through their own comfort zone and try to experience what autism feels like.

    Intellectuals – academics, professionals and the like are people who have problems relating to people who do not understand their professional speciality. My father was a professor, I lived with this. but had the intelligence to be able to deal with most of his needs because I could understand what he was talking about – had I not, our relationship would have been far harder.

    So tell me, does this sound like autism to you? 😉

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  3. This is a good poem Anna, well written 🙂 Do you often write poetry? If you do I’d love to read more. I understand what you’re describing in your poem, it’s so relatable. Yesterday I wrote some poetry for the first time in 2 or 3 years; it’s posted on my writing blog if you want to read. Do you ever feel like you have to be in the right mood to write poetry?

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