Being an Autistic Adult | Invisible i

I am always very happy and encouraged whenever I find another Aspie speaking out on the internet. Katy is very articulate and does a wonderful job explaining some of the struggles that many of us face as Adult Autistics out in the real world.

Our entire lives we are pressured to conform and fit in. As we age we are unable to blend in and have two choices – stop trying to blend in and accept ourselves OR keep trying to blend in, hide who we are, and crush our self-esteem. Both choices have their risks.

I have decided to be a unicorn – sparkling and fabulous. I was not made to blend in with this world so why should I have to?

I’ve been following Katy since she was running her original channel Let’s Talk Ticks. Now I am very excited to be following her on her new channel invisible i.

She suffers with a number of invisible disabilities including Asperger’s Syndrome, IBS, and Fibromyalgia. Katy makes videos about her lifestyle and experiences whilst learning to live with chronic illness.

I can take NO credit for Katy’s video PLEASE subscribe to her channel invisible i on YouTube.


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