Hi, I’m An Asshole – Autism & Me | Just A Skinny Boy

The following post contains adult language.

I’ve been there so many times.

I am often misunderstood and can come off as standoffish and cold. Other times I am overly friendly with poor boundary recognition. It is hard when you are a genuinely kind person who is constantly misunderstood or called “rude”.

So much of what he says about not knowing how to respond and not knowing what to say tends to get me into trouble. All of the time my brain is going and sometimes my words are not ready to come out.

I don’t think in words unless I write them out or actively work to think about words. They don’t come out automatically and almost always will take great effort.

When I don’t have something to say – please do not assume I am trying to be rude. Asperger’s may be nicknamed the “Ass-whole Syndrome” but that is only because people don’t understand our true intentions.

I am Autistic and I am NOT an Ass-hole.

I just discovered the Just A Skinny Boy channel on YouTube and can take NO credit for his video. Please check out and subscribe to his channel for more great content.


9 thoughts on “Hi, I’m An Asshole – Autism & Me | Just A Skinny Boy”

  1. I’m sitting here listening to him and it’s very very similar to me. Going around these websites one of the commonest problems I am hearing is that people never ask us. They always assume, they guess, they jump to conclusions. They NEVER ASK. I thought it was just me, but it isn’t, it’s all of us being treated like that.

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    1. people are afraid to ask, afraid to offend, they often dont think to ask.

      i always want to ask. but then (shh, dont tell anyone) im probably one of you anyway. cheers for trailblazing. no– thank you very, very much!

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  2. People usually always judge a person who is self possessed and quiet as rude. It’s a problem I see as of judgement of people not with the targeted person.

    Today chitty chatty society quiet people like us are not tolerated. They stand judged are weird or rude. And good behaviour is becoming rare.

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  3. i know this girl, she works in town. shes never said a mean word to me or complained about anything– anything! except her own working conditions.

    i used to think she was smiling, but my friend says that she never does– they think she has some kind of attitude. i said “you know, i wonder if shes autistic.” she always seems nice to me, and i still dont see her smile. either shes depressed (all the time? i doubt it) or shes autistic. i think i found an aspie, to be honest. anyway, shes alright by me whatever the deal is. ive dealt with bad attitudes, and i just dont think thats what it is. and yes– id love to ask. i dont think its my place.

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  4. With out even seeing the video (bad internet connection) this is 40 years of my life summed up in a neat small blog post. I’m the queen of the “inappropriate response” one of my x-bosses used to say I only every opened my mouth to change which foot was in it because every time he asked a question I apparently gave the one response no one else was game to say. Even now I either don’t respond quick enough because I’m attempting to think of a polite response so they get all huffy and think I’m bing a cow or I open my mouth without engaging my brain and the response is never expected or appreciated. Apparently when someone says “can I ask you a question” the response is not supposed to be “you just did” (sigh). As for the stand off or hug thing – yeah I’ve given up trying to figure it out my new motto is if I like you I hug you if I don’t like you or don’t know you stay the hell out of my personal space.

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