What a Person on the Autism Spectrum NEVER Wants to Hear – MC Mogo

I’ve seen just about every Autism video on YouTube so any time I find a new video or channel I am always excited, especially when a young Autistic person does such an amazing job explaining things.

We’ve all heard them, rude comments, misunderstandings. There are so many assumptions and stigma’s associated with Autism. It is important that we all speak up and correct these stigmas or they will never be erased.

MC Mogo is a brilliant YouTuber. I can take NO credit for her video but wanted to share because so much of what she has to say about comments she’s heard from people are comments that I have heard myself.

How many of these comments have YOU heard?


8 thoughts on “What a Person on the Autism Spectrum NEVER Wants to Hear – MC Mogo”

  1. Eloquently said ! I can’t think I have had any said to me from this list, but I have had, ” I have a friend who has sons who are Autistic, and they can’t this and that.. SO if you ARE Autistic you hide it very well ! ” I thought, well that is not a compliment ! haha and YOU do not know me very well then 🙂

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  2. Couldn’t help laughing when she told us that someone had told her to stop being autistic. If someone said that to me it would be like one of those trance phrases and just stop me dead in my tracks wondering what on earth they meant. I guess it was a comment borne out of frustration as well as a lack of knowledge.

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  3. This was such a great video; I shared it on my Facebook. I’m doing a series of trainings for a non-profit about autism, and I highlight some of the points mentioned in this video. Unfortunately I’ve heard people say some of these things, so any opportunity that I have to inform others, I jump on it!

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