Stop Being Autistic – Stop Being You

Don’t ask me to stop acting Autistic.

I would never ask you to stop being you.

Why can’t you be you and I be me?

You and I are not the same.

I march to my own beat but so do you.

We all do.

Everybody’s different.

No two people are the same.

Misunderstandings and mistakes.

Misspoken words and broken hearts.

Stop being so Autistic!

You are not good enough the way you are.

Why can’t you just be normal?

If only you would try a little harder.

Is that really the best you can do?

You’re too smart for this.

I don’t understand why you keep making the same mistakes.

Slow down.

Be more careful.

Watch what you are doing.

You are so careless.

Stop being so Autistic.

Stop being you.


A poem about passing.







7 thoughts on “Stop Being Autistic – Stop Being You”

  1. this is a great poem, it does make me sad to know this is apart of your life. As a mother to a son that has SPD and possible ASD, it just breaks my heart this is what he is/going to be going thru. Keep up the great work and stay strong

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