Journey to Adult Autism Diagnosis – Baby Robot

I discovered another YouTube Aspie today. I can NOT tell you how excited I get every time I find a video of an Autistic person sharing their own stories and point of view.

Baby Robot talks about what lead her to eventually being diagnosed at the age of 29.

I searched and searched and was unable to find a reasonable number to represent the average age that women and girls are diagnosed with Autism, but most of the stories online that come FROM other Autistic women seem to be in the middle of a life transition.

Some Autistic women may not be diagnosed until MUCH later in life while others are diagnosed in their mid to late twenties. When our struggles can no longer be hidden from the world we are forced out, labeled and identified.

Finally after years of wondering, we are diagnosed.

I can take NO credit for Baby Robot‘s video. Please check her out on YouTube and subscribe to her channel for more great content. She is a rock star and I will be following along with her adventures.


7 thoughts on “Journey to Adult Autism Diagnosis – Baby Robot”

  1. It’s a nice video and I’m glad that taking off the mask worked for her. Unfortunately, for me the advice to take off the mask, whilst well-meaning and I fully understand why the psychologist advised me to, turned out to be the worst advice I could have been given.

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  2. Yep, I can relate. I was 38 1/2 when I discovered that I’m 99.9% sure to be Aspie, and now, having turned 39, I’m just beginning the process of formal diagnosis. 😊

    I’d love to see someone conduct a study (if it hasn’t been done already; I haven’t seen anything along this vein yet) of the average age of diagnosis in females. It would be interesting! 😊❤️

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