Standardized Testing Isn’t Totally Useless, but It Does Miss the Point | Scott Barry Kaufman – Big Think

This video from Big Think has some great points. I have never felt like the public school system was fair to me and the way I needed to learn in my own way.

Teachers wanted me to sit still and my peers bullied me. I have always loved learning but I HATED school. Something is wrong with that picture.

The world needs different types of minds, all minds, different perspectives. They are all valuable.

I can take no credit for Big Think‘s video below. Please check them out for more content.


5 thoughts on “Standardized Testing Isn’t Totally Useless, but It Does Miss the Point | Scott Barry Kaufman – Big Think”

  1. I definitely felt the same way. School became something to fear for me, as I just felt the system in place was built for particular people to thrive and succeed, Being intensely shy and introverted were negative traits, something to be gotten rid of, rather than being a lush breeding ground for potential and great ideas I consequently found them to be.

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  2. This is an excellent video, I feel that the current modern education system is a relic and is simply not dynamic enough anymore.

    I agree with the author that everyone as a superior talent in some area that can compensate for lack in other areas. Forcing someone to develop a skill they are not well disposed to is giving up strength for weakness. This is because no one could be the best in their weakness and to force it would cause their strengths to be neglected/receive less attention. Thus, resources are wasted, for the end result would be underdeveloped strength and partially improved weakness (at a high cost). They can neither advance since their talents were neglected nor defend since their weaknesses are still weak. Even worse, someone else with strength in their weakness has probably had that strength squelched in the course of standardization.

    A country that expends resources to identify the various strengths of individuals and hone it to the maximum will eventually have a pool of talented people, all masters of their respective strengths. As their strengths are diverse, they can cover for each other’s weaknesses while advancing on multiple fronts.

    Such a country will be doubly strong since they possess the best in every field for half the price (i.e. planting on lush fertile ground is easier than trying to irrigate the desert).

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  3. Uncle Sam just wants to force his agenda on the rest of the world.

    America simply wants to mass-produce resentful and angry Proles who will become sympathetic towards Militant Marxism.

    I am grateful that our Schools aren’t as cliquey as America’s, however I noticed a correlation between those who hated the education system’s guts as kids and those who grow up to become Teachers; they’re one and the same.

    America simply wants to indoctrinate all the world’s children.

    Rant over!

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