Autistic Genius – Equity NOT Equatlity

Asking for accommodation can be difficult.

I struggle with this personally because of my difficulty verbalizing things regarding my needs in face to face conversations. If I am asking for an accommodation, than I am probably already fairly uncomfortable.

If I am able to explain what I need PLEASE just take my word for it even if you don’t understand the reason behind my request. When people have too many questions about why I need what I need or treat me with skepticism I tend freeze up.

I don’t want special treatment, I just want to be as comfortable as I can be in a world that really was not built for me.

I really enjoy the videos from Autistic Genius on YouTube. Please check out his channel and subscribe for  more great content. I can take NO credit for the video below.


10 thoughts on “Autistic Genius – Equity NOT Equatlity”

  1. With his explanation of Equality vs. Equity, I find no reason for anyone to be opposed to it. However, when I looked up the definition for equity, it was as I thought; only home equity business. Maybe there is a more naked version of the definition. I do hope so. I think what he said was just awesome. Thank you for sharing the video.

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  2. LOVE! I’ve used the diagram with the box before over the years to explain why equal and fair are not the same thing many a time and it works so well. Everyone deserves the same quality of life (a good one) but we don’t require the same things to have it, its a pretty simple concept but sadly is lost on most people that don’t NEED more or different than what society is giving them.

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  3. Hi Anna,

    I think you do well to communicate through written word. Here you and you audience have time to process what you say. I hope the verbal part comes in time and you see that communication comes in all sorts of forms.


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    1. Thank you so much! My biggest problems are always at work. I am great until they pull me off my computer, then I am a bit of a panic. My job description said I would be at a desk all the time – which was great until things changed.


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