Autistic Confessions – I Can’t Do Black Friday

To all of you who are out to day in the Black Friday madness, I wish you safety.

Black Friday is not a very friendly day to be out in stores that normally drain my sensory systems even when they are not packed beyond capacity. Shopping in a crowded store is instant overload for me.

If you’re looking for something Autism friendly to do on Black Friday – a nice picnic at the park feeding the ducks might be a better option. Black Friday is NOT Autism Friendly (and I don’t have the cash to spend) so I will be staying home or going for a hike in the woods with my dog.

To all of you who brave the madness – be careful. No item is worrth your saftey. People can act like animals when money is involved. #sadbuttrue


36 thoughts on “Autistic Confessions – I Can’t Do Black Friday”

  1. You are right about that. I have always stayed home on those days and watch the madness on TV. It is sad what happens out there. Stay home and shop online. Good luck with your sensory my son has the same problem and will hurt us when it happens to him.

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  2. i wont support black friday. i can manage the crowds, but theyre hateful and i dont get the appeal.

    considering that people occasionally get trampled to death (thats mostly best buys fault, and part of the reason i never shop at best buy) i dont get how a sale on crap theyre getting rid of to make room for new items can be more important than human life– but theres certainly no dignity.

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  3. I definitely agree! I can’t do it either 😊 In fact, even the US Thanksgiving, once a calm and pin-drop quiet day where not too long ago, everything closed for the day, save for the emergency services and a handful of gas stations, it’s gotten so busy with traffic and crowds that we don’t even go out or travel on Thanksgiving Day anymore! We simply celebrate it a day early, and then we hunker down at home for 4 days lol 😂😊 Smartest thing we’ve ever done ❤️

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  4. I’ve never been to America so all I know about Black Friday is what I see on television and the jokes people make about it on the internet. From what little I know of it though, it seems scary and something to avoid altogether.

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  5. Oh, my! Black Friday is insanity, made by man! I have participated only once in this madness, and that was before I got a Vestibular Disorder…Malls, Big Box stores, Walmart, etc. are a nightmare I rarely enter. All I can say now is, “Thank God for the Internet”! That, I can do! 😉

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  6. But if you don’t do black Friday you’ll miss out on that bargain television that the shop owners haven’t been able to sell and that’s made by a company that no one has ever heard of. Ahem 😒. We can’t stand black Friday if we buy anything it’s online but even that we try to avoid. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against humans, in fact some of my best friends are human, but I do agree, too many and they become herd. Moooooo 🐮

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  7. People are animal. Arrogance and a superiority complex keeps others from thinking they are. Black Friday is the biggest lol of the year. something costs .70 and is sold in retail for 12 bucks, and on Black Friday, it’s on sale for 7 bucks. Gotta love that lol of it. Being one like you who do not like crowds, I get it. All senses go on high alert for me. After about and hour, I’m mentally drained and my fuse drops from 1 mile to 2 feet and if someone says the wrong thing, then fuse is ripped out and there is just a hole of gunpowder. Sometimes, it’s not even that. Just too tired to deal. Accept it and move on. I hope you are not forced into some crazy moment in a store by happenstance. Especially after Wintermas.

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  8. I know I could never cope in any environment on Black Friday. I went to a nature preserve and hiked around 6km. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful peaceful day. It was a million times better than any sale.

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  9. I don’t do sales because I can’t cope crowds. As much as I crave the simplicity of the 70s (am that old) the internet allows me to shop for bargains the only problem being that the amount of information and choice at once overwhelms me pretty quickly but I can shut down the PC and walk away as opposed to having a meltdown in the middle of a busy store. Also, all that fighting and unpleasantness over material stuff? That just highlights how selfish (and stupid) human beings can be. I remember doing my Christmas food shopping many years ago (before the internet saved me) and a little old lady actually rear ended me with her trolley in order to get the last turkey roll. It wasn’t even a proper turkey. It was one of those turkey rolls that are about 5% turkey and she was willing to cripple me for that. Season of goodwill NOT. 😦

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  10. No, no it is not. I, too, forgo the Black Friday, er, festivities. My anxiety is not equipped to deal with it. It’s a good idea for folks who can’t deal with crowds to stay home. I saw a picture of an utterly demolished shoe store, and it boggles me mind how people can do something like that.

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  11. I’m with you on that; I have SPD and despise shopping this time of year. ESPECIALLY Black Friday. Seriously, no deal is worth risking your life…
    However, I am game for Cyber Monday though #thankyouonlineshopping 😉

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  12. I do not have autism but I don’t like Black Friday, either. The stores are so crowded that you can’t buy what you want anyways and you’ll end up standing in line for I don’t know how long. I usually do online shopping on Black Friday, though. A lot of online stores offer Black Friday discounts now days.

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