I Just have to say that I LOVE my readers! I have the best readers, such an engaged audience. You always supply positive and enlightening conversations. I am grateful for each and every one of you – even those of you who don’t comment.

Please – join in on the conversation!

Thank you all so much for your continued support. Without the readers this blog is nothing.

With Love,



29 thoughts on “I LOVE MY READERS!”

  1. Love this blog. I have emailed the entries to my husband and you give us insight and hope for the woman we want our daughter to become. Totally great insights from someone managing sensitivity in an insensitive world. We’re reading. Keep writing.

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  2. Your blog talks about things people in general society don’t hear about or read about. They find you, and love you. Your blog is just damn likable. Your posts are honest and breaks down the walls that people NEED to build to protect themselves from the outside world. They don’t need them here with you. You love us as much as we love you. I can even promise that if any of us met you, that has read your last 20 posts, would be highly patient, giving you space, and just relaxing doing whatever you like, because you, have proven to us, that you’re not harmful and look to the best of things, the best you can. Keep posting, and we’ll keep reading. I hope, that one day, my posts can have an artistic voice like yours, and reach people. Thank you, for your time, energy, and patience to make these posts. Thank you.

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