So many misunderstandings.

People read too much into meaningless things.

If I don’t look at you when you speak

you assume I’m not listening.

When my body language

doesn’t do what you’d expect

or when I laugh in the wrong moment.

If I say something using the wrong tone

you may think I’m rude.

If I cannot speak

I must be hiding something.

Over and over,

we confuse each other.

When I take something you say literally,

or my brain skips hearing words as you say them.

Sometimes I need time to process.

If I don’t get it

we’ll both stay confused.

Sometimes I can’t explain myself.

Please trust me.

Sometimes I process things on a delay.

Maybe we can talk about it another day – maybe not.

I’m not ignoring you or trying to

leave you hanging.

If I look confused, I probably am.

Give me time to figure things out on my own.

Don’t treat me like a child.

It’s only

a misunderstanding.

A poem about Autism and misunderstandings. Being Autistic sometimes feels like nobody understands you. Other times you know instantly that some misunderstanding has occurred.


23 thoughts on “Misunderstandings”

  1. ❤ exactly.

    anna, i want you to know (again) how much i appreciate what youre doing here. youre an extraordinarily positive force in my life. and i want to thank you for some of the friends (i use the term loosely, because family is a better word) that youve made yourself the hub of here. i know this isnt your master plan, i know even with your probably very high iq, that you dont actually know whats going to happen as a result of all this passion you cant help putting into what you do here– it probably feels more like performing first aid on yourself sometimes, than being a doctor– but you are a healer.

    you speak for yourself, and in so doing you end up speaking for people who know what youre going through– and they honestly do, because the similarity is that real. but youre that “push” that is so needed, and it doesnt stop with that push, not ever. youre the proverbial lorenzian butterfly.

    by now you may be well aware of the fact that youre not the only person in the world with your condition. so let me point out that youre the only person i knew that i could really relate to as much as i do– in the world, certainly in this regard. that is until i met one person, and only one, who i relate to more strongly– but only thanks to you, and what you do. i am confident, we both think the world of you, and consider you a most valuable friend and powerful ally. i adore her; we adore you. and you dont have to do anything for us anna, just be who you are, every day. you always are anyway, so like i said: “you dont have to do anything.” just be who you are– just be who you are.

    it does feel sometimes, days or weeks at a time sometimes– like nobody understands you. only 3 people in my life have ever changed that feeling on the level that you do– you, the person i lost more than a year ago, and the friend i met through you. never think youre less than a magician. you may not have a trick for every hassle in life, you may struggle daily, but you do wonders, anna. namaste.

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    1. You too often leave me speechless. It is an honor to host such a community of amazing people. Still, when I started a little over a year ago I never would have thought any of this would happen. All I knew was things had been bottled since discovering my Autism. I’d been keeping everything inside and needed to get it out. At some point I realized people wanted to hear what I had to say. It is still strange tome. Sometimes I cannot reply to long comments from my phone-but I do read every one. Thank you.

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    1. Practice, and I’ve always read a lot. I have a way of seeing pasterns in words. I remember how the books were written and I’ve read a lot of amazing writers. My style is probably a mix of all the great writers I’ve read over the years. Many, many, books.

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  2. “Sometimes I can’t explain myself… Sometimes I need time to process.”

    Another instance where you put something into words that I’ve struggled through and not understood as it happened. And then I read what you wrote and it’s yes! That’s exactly what happens! So now the next time it happens I won’t feel embarrassed and messed up, I’ll know what’s happening and relax with it.

    Thanks again, Anna.

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    1. I agree, though I don’t have autism, I think it’s important for people to realise that misunderstandings do occur. People should be more patient with others in general, more so towards though who struggle more than others, but in general, we should try harder to be more kind. More patient. More understanding, and open our hearts and minds to thinking the best of people overall, rather than expecting the worst. It’s something we all need to work on I believe, me included.

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  3. Wow. That is heartfelt. On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 1:27 AM Anonymously Autistic wrote:

    > anonymouslyautistic posted: “So many misunderstandings. People read to > much into meaningless things. If I don’t look at you when you speak you > assume I’m not listening. When my body language doesn’t do what you’d > expect or when I laugh in the wrong moment. If I say something using th” >

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  4. I’ve known a few wonderful people with Asberger’s – they’re some of the brightest people I know! That’s why I prefer the term “differently abled” to disabled. We need to remove the stigma of processing life differently from others.

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