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Overwhelmed Meltdown to Burn Out – A Poem – Guest Blog

A stone in my throat
Left and right brains beat swiftly
Needles prick my nerves
Tingling nerves in whole teeth
Mind blank out
Numbness envelope whole head
Tears well up turning to
Uncontrollable tears draining my face
Dripping down my chin
Unintentional wrong
Lead into drown into the abyss of sea
Struggling to swim up
Heavy stone body pushing me deeper
As my hand lifting upwards
During daytime
Sudden loss of energy at my hands
Palms lose strength to grip
Every light footsteps
Pulling of chairs
High pitched voices
Distract my focus
Notification tones
Breaks my concentration to pieces
Awakened from sleep
Heartbeat rhythms pounding faster
Pulling nerves at my rear skull
Tingling nerves and pulling backwards
In the temple of my head
Explosive pressure in the top of my head
Either in my half-right head
Or in my half-right head
At times squeezing my whole head
As sense of burning in my head
Perspiring in the cold room
Pulsating head temples spreading in whole head
Gasping for breathe
Calling out to Jesus for help
Looking to my Lord for His healing
Crying to Him from inside
– Yoshiko (Diagnosed at age 34)
Please check out Yoshiko’s blog for more great content.

If You Don’t Read the Comments Section of this Blog

You really should!

This blog has grown an amazing community of Autistic people (and others). We have amazing discussions in the comments section and would love for you to join in. 🙂

Aspie Connect Message Board

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of questions, comments and discussions happening in the comments sections of this blog so I started a message board.

My goal is to provide a message board where Autistic people (Aspies) have a place to network, support each other, share stories and help educate Neurotypical people who have questions about AS.

The forum is open and anyone should be able to post and create topics. I do not believe you need an account to post.

Please forgive me if it is not what you are used to, as I have never created a message board before.

There is a link to the new message board in the menu to the Anonymously Autistic website, but just FYI the web address is below. 🙂

Welcome to Aspie Connect!