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Remrov’s World of Autism – Talks about Being a Real Person

Be yourself. Why would you want to blend in when you were born to stand out?

I’ve never been more miserable and insecure than I was when I was trying to fit in with the rest of the world.

Accepting myself and not letting my light be hidden or moved by those who don’t understand me has changed my world.

Have self compassion and get to know and love the real you. Don’t let others ever make you feel bad about being real.

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you.

Always do your best with honest intentions and nothing else matters.

I am a fan of the Remrov’s World of Autism channel on YouTube. It is exciting to see someone so expressive and honest speaking out about the issues that we Aspies face. Please check out Remrov’s World of Autism for more great content and subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss a video.

Remrov – Talks About the Spoon Analogy Regarding Energy

The Spoon Theory is an amazing way to explain the energy drain that many Autistic people feel. If I get too low in Spoons I get VERY sick so it is important for me to conserve my energy and avoid too many activities that take away the most spoons.

Some activities take more out of me than others, even enjoyable activities can be taxing on my spoon supply. Socializing and having a full time job uses almost all of my spoons most days. Sitting under florescent lights or being in a loud noisy environment slowly drains my spoons as well.

I limit my social activities and don’t get out on days that I go to work since these take up so much energy.

Also I need time to “regather my spoons”. After I get worn down it takes time to build my energy levels back up. It is extremely important that I have quiet time to recover or I can get stuck in a repeated meltdown / burnout loop.

Recommended Reading

All of the following titles can be found either on Kindle or Audible – Yes I have read or listened to every one of the following books personally.

The Aspie World – 10 Things You Should Never Say To An Autistic Person

One of my favorite shows –

Amythest Schaber – Ask an Autistic – What is Autistic Burnout?

I am having some difficulties and may need to scale back on my actives. I had even asked myself the question – Am I becoming MORE Autistic?

Could it be that new responsibilities and a change in routine are to blame?

One of my favorite Autistic bloggers, Amythest Schaber, talks about Autistic Burnout in the YouTube video below. Although I LOVE her content I can take NO credit for it. Please follow Amythest on YouTube.

See video HERE.

Lamar Hardwick – The Mighty – The Real Reason You Don’t Think I’m Autistic

Lamar Hardwick contributor to popular disability page The Mighty shares a story that many of us can relate to. In response to a comment that many of us have heard before “You don’t look / seem Autistic? You must not be THAT Autistic.” As if all Autistic people look the same. :-/

Carly Fleischmann – The World’s First Non-verbal Talk Show Host

If you haven’t already read Carly’s Voice I STRONGLY suggest you do so. Carly Fleischmann is an inspiration to Aspies everywhere and her story is one that everyone should read (or listen to on Audible).

The following video is great, Carly is hilarious and I truly hope she does another episode.  Once again I can take NO credit for any of the following content PLEASE do check out Carly – buy her book and follow her on Facebook!

Speechless with Carly Fleischmann – Episode 1 | Channing Tatum


Also, I’ve shared this before but the following is one of the better videos out there representing the Autism sensory experience (and even inner monologue).

Carly’s Café – Experience Autism Through Carly’s Eyes


Carly Fleischmann – My Defining Moment

Carly Fleischmann‘s perfect explanation of stimming and sensory input.

Autistic Confessions – Hiding in the Bathroom

Sometimes I hide in the bathroom when I need a break. It may be 5 to 30 minutes before I get my anxiety under control but the little breaks help a LOT. I like to read or write when hiding in the bathroom because engagement in one of my special interests helps me to relax.

I am writing this in the bathroom right now.


All to stay Anonymously Autistic.

Staying Anonymously Autistic – Tip 5 (Don’t Have Meltdowns in Public)

Nothing gets the attention of the room quite like an adult lying on the floor curled in a ball crying. If you truly want to be Anonymously Autistic it is extremely important to keep your meltdowns to yourself.

Meltdowns happen, I get it but most neurotypicals don’t. They’ve never felt the panic and pain of a meltdown and do not have the ability to truly understand what we are going through.

It is important to stay well rested and learn to spot signs that a meltdown is becoming imminent. I always try to have an exist strategy when I go somewhere even if it’s just a bathroom, to my own car, or for a walk.

When I have a meltdown being around other people is the last thing I want anyway. Its easier for me to recover if I am left alone. People look at you helpless, desperate to make you feel better, not knowing the best help they can give is to leave you alone.

Aspie Tip # 5 – No Public Meltdowns

Kayleigh Kill – How To Live With IBS

More good things from my news feed.

IBS sucks. A topic that is near and dear to my heart (and many Aspies). Kayleigh Kill gives great tips and advice on living with IBS.

Once again I can NOT take credit for this video please check out Kayleigh’s YouTube channel  for more great videos.:)