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Lydia Andal – Am I Autistic 

Here is a link to an article I thought was useful entitled “10 Things I Wish People Knew About Dating Someone on the Autism Spectrum By Kerry Magro”. I found a link to this article on the excellent ‘Anonymously Autistic’ blog which you can read here.

Lydia Andal author of Am I Autistic  (A Guide to Autism & Asperger’s Self-Diagnosis for Adults: Includes the Personal Journey of a Self-Diagnosed Autistic) on the Q&A Section of her website here.

 Sickly Stardust Vs. Everything 

Annoymously Autistic – This fabulous girl, Anna, blogs about her experiences living with Autism and I have learned a great deal from her blog. I admire her so much for her ability to embrace her Autism and how she dares to tell the world that there is nothing wrong with her, but that she is simply different. She is the change in the world that I feel we desperately need, and I think she has a wonderful impact on society.


“This is the best blog on the subject– no one documents this stuff better, Anna (I defy anyone to find a better blog on this [Autism]. and no worries if they do– because your voice still counts anyway– but i tell you, they wont.)”


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#ActuallyAutistic – An Aspie obsessed with writing. This site is intend to inspire through sharing stories & experiences. The opinions of the writers are their own. I am just an Autistic woman – NOT a medical professional.

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