“You’re Obsessed with Autism”

“You’re obsessed with your Autism. Ever since your diagnosis you talk about it all the time. You never spoke about these problems before.” Keep in mind NONE of these people know about my blog. Imagine how obsessed they would think I was if they knew I had an Autism blog and contributed to a popular … Continue reading “You’re Obsessed with Autism”

I Love to Hate You – Autism & Socks

Socks. It is more of a Sensory Processing Disorder problem than an Autism problem, but maybe it’s an Autism problem because we don’t explain the discomfort to the people around us. We don’t know you don’t feel the same way we do about socks. We think that our behavior should be self explanatory because socks … Continue reading I Love to Hate You – Autism & Socks

Social Anxiety & Late Diagnosis – Mental Health Week

How being diagnosed later in life can lead to mental illness. In honor of mental health week I am going to talk about some of the darker corners of my mind. My social anxiety grew out of repeated failures, confusing social interactions, and a life time of feeling out of sync with the rest of the world. … Continue reading Social Anxiety & Late Diagnosis – Mental Health Week

The Struggle is Real: Coping With HF Aspergers, SPD – TheTrutherGirls

There are a lot of stigmas and stereotypes associated with Autism. I often feel a sense of unease because I don’t fit into any box society has for me. I don’t want to fit into the box – but still society keeps shoving.

I don’t fit. The box is too small and my mind is too big. It hurts.

People see me during the good times, when I am feeling happy and healthy, because I don’t go out when I am feeling sick. People never see me struggle, people don’t see me sweat.

I don’t talk about my Sensory Processing Disorder with people much in person. I’ve had people tell me that “everybody feels that way sometimes”. I am never sure if it is because I hide my pain so well or if the people who say this are undiagnosed Aspies. The doubt makes me keep my crazy tendencies to myself.

When I have sensory issues I implode and cannot handle anything. I have to be alone in a calm, dark spot. I am in imaginable pain and this happens to me more often than I would like to admit. This is the me that nobody sees. The broken and sick me that I hide.

We spend so much energy trying to act normal and blend in. Why do we feel this way – hiding?

We should not be made to feel shame for way we are wired. It’s not fair.

Do you related to the video today? I feel so much of what she has to say. I take NO credit for this video but felt it needed to be shared.

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#ActuallyAutistic #SheCantBeAutistic

Laura Spoerl – How My Autism Affects Sex, and How Sex Affects My Autism – The Mighty

“Do Autistic people have sex?” Yes – we do… and sometimes we don’t. That all depends on the situation. I don’t talk about sex much on my blog but sex happens so let’s talk about the amazing article written by Laura Spoerl contributor to one of my favorite sights – The Mighty. Sometimes when you have sensory … Continue reading Laura Spoerl – How My Autism Affects Sex, and How Sex Affects My Autism – The Mighty

Stupid Comments Made To Those With Disabilities and Illnesses

I really needed some humor today but Shabaz Says‘s YouTube video, although funny, hits very close to home.

I have an invisible disability. I am Autistic and have sensory processing disorder and an additional diagnosis of Social Anxiety disorder. Nobody can see these things but people often are dismissive and tell me to “get over it”.

Take note of the message in this video and remember that these are things you don’t say to or about ANYONE Autistic or otherwise.

I can take NO credit for the video below. Please subscribe to Shabaz Says‘s channel you YouTube for more great content.

See video HERE!

Letter to Toni Braxton Regarding Diezel’s Autism Status — The Liberal Aspie

Autism is NOT a disease that can be cure it is a way of thinking and experiencing the world. One does not simply git rid of Sensory Processing Disorder or change the wiring of their brains. It is mentally damaging to make Aspies learn to blend in like neurotypical kids because it implies that they … Continue reading Letter to Toni Braxton Regarding Diezel’s Autism Status — The Liberal Aspie

Autistic Comorbids

Many people on the Autism Spectrum have other comorbid disorders (myself included). Below are a few things that bother me even now as an adult. Anxiety – I live in a near constant state of anxiety. The only thing that helps is my overly logical mind. I can normally “out logic” my anxiety and then distract myself. … Continue reading Autistic Comorbids