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Remrov Speaks at the Autism Speaks Walk Montreal 2016

First off – I cannot take credit for the following video. All content belongs to the original artist linked below. This post has been shared in order to spread a message / educate / inspire.

Let’s set aside the controversy surrounding Autism Speaks in order to support someone who is out there spreading the message that Autism is only a “disability” when we are expected to act Neurotypical.

Please do check out Remrov’s channel (Remrov’s World of Autism) on YouTube.com.

Autism Awareness By Aspies for Aspies

I find a lot of great things while digging around the internet. I can not take credit for this video. Please visit and subscribe to the original poster, The Aspie World, on YouTube.com.



World Autism Awareness Week 2016 is here and I am doing a video on help for Autism and Aspergers Syndrome Awareness. Hey guys thank you for watching my video *more stuff below, :)*. Watch more of these videos (ASD Help): http://tinyurl.com/AW-ASD-H

Autism Awareness… for Autistics

The following guest blog is original content created by:

Allison M. Kramer
Adult Autism Spectrum blogger and nature/landscape photographer
Web: www.autisticaplanet.wordpress.com


I know that having autism leads to narrow-mindedness as well as black and white thinking (a naturally occurring part of having autism, not selective selfishness). I am reminding people with this meme that autism is a broad spectrum.

I look at my own position on the spectrum as if there were a buffet (in which I wasn’t invited to or consulted about). Whoever it was in the cosmos that attended that buffet of autism traits chose a normal I.Q., hypersensitivity to certain sounds (that are quite pervasive in American culture), migraines, gross motor skill impairment, PMDD, SAD and acute anxiety. Fortunately, for me, sleep disorder was left out of the mix along with gastrointestinal issues.

I am grateful for the things that did get left out and empathize with those who do struggle with the issues I do not. I don’t undermine or exclude. I believe that years of therapy and simply being alive have helped shape my broader, “grayer” way of thinking.

That said, it is my hope that others across the autism spectrum will try to have a broader view of their fellow spectrumites. I hope this blog post will help.

Please also know that having a single issue (auditory) with in an issue (sensory) can and does lead to a significant lack of independence and increased need for lifelong support.I am an example. I read blog posts about autistic people who have mild to moderate degrees of impairment with broader issues (communication, socialization and sensory), but do lead independent lifestyles. It is not all or nothing.

I strongly think that acknowledgement and acceptance (which most autistic people I have read about want) of autistics by autistics counteracts the loneliness and isolation that are pervasive themes of autism and I think the general population of humankind.

I couldn’t have said this better myself.

This is it. Why we need to speak up and start speaking for ourselves. Because people who do not live in our shoes can not possible understand what it means to be an Aspie. Even people who mean well and come from a true place of love can’t understand.

Nobody is to blame. It is our duty to self advocate.

To friends of ours who are yet to understand why we are so fiercely advocating for Autistic Rights… [from my personal page] “I saw this on Twitter last night and shared it on my page (The Bullshit Fairy on Facebook). I woke this morning to see 4 hours later, it had 150 likes/sadness […]

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