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Autistic Burnout – Are You Going Through Burnout?

The most popular search term used to find my website is “Autistic Burnout” which leads me to believe that it is a topic that many readers have interest in. As always I am more than happy to elaborate and share what I’ve experienced on this topic however I am still waiting for a medical explanation for the onset of these disturbing symptoms.

Burnouts (sometimes called Autistic Regression in children) can last for weeks or months and can be reoccurring and can be tied to life and health events. Sometimes Autistic Burnout can look like and may be mistaken for or come with depression.

I’ve gone through burnout three times in my life.

My worst burnout was around puberty and my most recent burnout came when I moved and started a new job. In both of my most recent burnouts a major schedule change was involved and I had to adjust to a new normal.

Burnouts seem to be tied to stress and self worth. As an Aspie, having any large life changing event is almost guaranteed to cause me problems.

When I go through burnout it is easier for me to have meltdowns and they become more frequent.

My head aches almost constantly and my brain becomes fuzzy. Easy tasks may become more difficult. Trying to think can feel like swimming through thick glue.

My mind and body become worn down and tired easily and my sensory processing disorder gets a bit out of control. My senses become unpleasant and I don’t want to be in public.

Full blown sensory meltdowns don’t normally bother me unless I am going through burnouts or am not getting enough rest.

Burnouts make me feel like I am always tired, running on fumes and could meltdown at any moment. They make me feel sick and weak and even mess with my digestion.

There is only one cure that has ever helped me to recover from burnout – working passionately on a creative project that I am good at and being alone.

For me solitude is my savior. I feel the most calmness and clarity when left alone with my own thoughts and actions. On my own I can rest and repair the damage.

Your personal experience may be different than mine because we all after all are individuals.

Have you ever experienced Autistic Burnout?

Life with Aspergers: Burnout

Some of my readers may remember that I mentioned not too long ago that I was going through an Autistic Burnout (sometimes called Autistic Regression).  Burnout is hard to cope with and it feels like your life is falling apart.

For some women Autistic Burnout may be what eventually leads them to a late life diagnosis. Psychologists like to call it a depression or say we are depressed and I see why they say that but I think they misunderstand the cause.

My burnout came from “passing” and faking it and than I fell apart when my efforts to blend in were failing despite putting in all my energy.

There seems to be a link to passing and burnout. Maybe it is just the amount of energy passing takes or maybe there is more to it. I would love to learn more about the connection.

This is also why I am so opposed to the “High Functioning” and “Low Functioning” labels. I am “High Functioning” but if I am going through burnout – I can tell you that I am VERY low functioning at that point.

My functioning ability varies from day to day. I can be high, low, and everything in between.

These are not the things that I admit to most people, even those closest to me, but I can relate to every single thing OriginalRetrophiliac has to say in her emotional video about dealing with Autistic Burnout.

I can take NO credit for OriginalRetrophiliac‘s content. Please subscribe to her channel on YouTube for more great videos.

Autistic Burnout

What is Autistic Burnout? Have you heard of it yet?

I’ve been going through something laity, and thought perhaps I was just worn out or possibly depressed (but since I am happy depression was hard to believe). Upon closer investigation, it looks as if I may be suffering from Autistic Burnout.

So in true Autistic fashion, I am now researching the issue in hopes to find a solution. Thought I would share some of the interesting information, in case anyone else might be going through something similar.

Below are some great quotes from some of our fellow internet Aspies, I am so grateful to have such a great network of us out there sharing information.

Kezza from Resplendently Autistic says in one of her old bogs:

“In summary Autistic Burnout is an accumulation of years of trying to appear normal and cope as an Neurotypical (NT). The strain and drain of it suddenly becomes too much and an autistic person (me in this case) falls apart. All autistic symptoms get worse. Trying to manage all the every day normal activities are way too much. It is overwhelming and stressful for the person involved.”

Another spectrum blogger, Judy Endow says this in one of her blogs:

“Ultimately, for me, passing as “normal” means that I am now a fake person, never able to be myself without putting my ability to make a living in jeopardy. Because I am close to retirement age I am hoping I will make it.”
Amythest Schaber of the Neurowonderful Blog had a slightly different explanation in one of her videos:

See video here.

There is not a lot of information out there on this topic just yet, but it is one that I believe is worth mentioning, since apparently I am not the only person who has been there.