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Hi, I’m An Asshole – Autism & Me | Just A Skinny Boy

The following post contains adult language.

I’ve been there so many times.

I am often misunderstood and can come off as standoffish and cold. Other times I am overly friendly with poor boundary recognition. It is hard when you are a genuinely kind person who is constantly misunderstood or called “rude”.

So much of what he says about not knowing how to respond and not knowing what to say tends to get me into trouble. All of the time my brain is going and sometimes my words are not ready to come out.

I don’t think in words unless I write them out or actively work to think about words. They don’t come out automatically and almost always will take great effort.

When I don’t have something to say – please do not assume I am trying to be rude. Asperger’s may be nicknamed the “Ass-whole Syndrome” but that is only because people don’t understand our true intentions.

I am Autistic and I am NOT an Ass-hole.

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Autistic Advice: What is Stimming?

James Owen shares his experience with stimming on his YouTube channel in his video Autistic Advice: What is Stimming? (below).

I was beginning to wonder if anyone else had more discrete stimms or never realized they were stimming until they heard about stimming.

I like to stim with music on – maybe because I just look like I am doing some really bad offbeat dance to the music. It feels so good.

I also like to wrap myself in silken and fuzzy fabrics and sniff essential oils. These are some of my more “acceptable” adult stims.

I can take NO credit for his content below. Please subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Link to video HERE.

The Aspie World – 10 Things You Should Never Say To An Autistic Person

One of my favorite shows –

30 Pieces of Advice for Employers Working With People With Autism

One of my Favorite contributors who blogs about Autism on The MightyMelissa McGlensey , shares 30 things that all employers should know and remember about Autism.

The Mighty teamed up with Autism Society to ask their readers for advice they’d offer employers about working with people with autism for this piece. Below are only a few of my favorite.

“First you have you give [people with autism] a job, a chance to try. Without that, nothing else matters.” — Teresa Duncan Johnson

“Understand that people with autism have a different way of thinking.” — Brian Mah

“Keep in mind it will be different for everybody. The fact that you once met your neighbor’s cousin’s nephew’s friend with autism does not mean you understand autism. Each person is unique.” — Tarina Beatty

“Don’t judge us, especially if we stim.” — Mandy Rain

“If all your employees were as dedicated, had such meticulous attention to detail, were as honest and reliable as people with autism, you wouldn’t have any concerns.” — Cheryl Joyce

“You might have the best and most loyal worker on your hands when you learn to tap into their strengths.” — Marisa Ulrich

Please check out The Mighty (one of my favorite websites) and read the full article (which I can take NO credit for) here.

Dear Society… Signed, Autism | Daniel Share-Strom | TEDxYorkUSalon

Daniel is a 26 year old man on the Autism spectrum. Like many of us, he “hates toothbrushes, loud noises, and brushing his hair.”

Autistic people are often summed up by the things that cause us problems. The world likes to focus on the negative aspects of Autism or the parts of Autism that make us different.

People with Autism grow up feeling broken and not believing in themselves – I know I’ve felt these things myself (although finding out I was Autistic helped me to accept myself more).

Awareness is not the same thing as understanding. Knowing Autism exists is not the same thing as understanding real Autistic people and their needs.

People are aware of the stigmas and the stereotypes without truly understanding us. Good intentions are great, but we need positive actions.

I can take NO credit for Daniel’s Ted Talk  below. It is amazing and shows great perspective.

Lamar Hardwick – The Mighty – The Real Reason You Don’t Think I’m Autistic

Lamar Hardwick contributor to popular disability page The Mighty shares a story that many of us can relate to. In response to a comment that many of us have heard before “You don’t look / seem Autistic? You must not be THAT Autistic.” As if all Autistic people look the same. :-/

10 Aspergers Symptoms by The Aspie World

by The Aspie World

Everyone is different. Some of these symptoms I share, and there are a few that I used to but no longer have.

Here is my feedback on these things.

  1. My nervous stimms are biting the inside of my mouth, clenching my jaw and tongue.
  2. Changing my routine last minute really stresses me out IF I do not have a backup plan.
  3. Food has to have a LOT of flavor and needs to be the correct texture and temperature. Bland food makes me gag.
  4. Smells that do not smell like food make me nauseated or give me a headache. Especially cleaning supplies.
  5. Sounds – I hate florescent lights and loud car revs or sudden loud noises really grab me and send me into a panic.
  6. I am OBSESSED with my hobbies. Right now it is this website.
  7. I definitely like to wear the same type of thing all the time. I buy like 5 of the same shirt or pants in different colors if I find one I like.
  8. I never realized this was a problem until recently but I definitely cant read this on people I don’t know well.
  9. The grocery store is the worst, and I avoid crowded events. Cant do it.
  10. I can talk really fast but have learned to slow down, however I do have problems repeating the same thing over and over again when I talk to people. It is embarrassing because I don’t even realize when I am doing it.