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My Mind Plays Tricks On Me

Our minds are always playing tricks on us.

My mind plays tricks on me.

I get stuck cleaning the house.

Sometimes I can’t stop as I must reach every single corner.

I spend so much time cleaning

that I normally only have one or two clean rooms at a time.

My brain second (3rd and 4th) guesses everything I do.

Did I water the dog?

Did I lock the door?

Did I grab my phone (as I’m holding it my hand).

I constantly find myself turning off the inner monologue.

Sometimes I do forget things

because I refuse

to listen to the nagging.

It’s a trap waiting to suck me in and I can’t let it.

Always forcing myself to think about other things.

Sing along to the song on the radio.

Put on an audio book.

Do something.


My brain is funny.

It can also play pleasant tricks on me.

I have joy when I am fortunate enough to have my lucky number.

Even if I know there is nothing special about numbers.

Technically they don’t even exist.

My brain craves perfection,

out of reach and


My mind is extremely logical.

I call bull shit on myself all the time.

When I am careful and pay attention the patterns are obvious.

Some thoughts are irrational and silly.

With my little rituals,

I am safe.

Oops – I’ve Lost Another Friend

Oops I’ve lost another friend

I thought that we were close

But you’ve got needs

that I can’t fill

You want more from me than I can give

I leave you feeling empty

You tell me friends hang out more

When my social anxiety gets the best of me

and I would cancel

at first you calmed to understand

Eventually you got tired of waiting

telling me you wanted more

I know now

and it breaks my heart

that I must let you go

Goodbye my friend of many years

My friend who cannot understand

I hate to see you go

and will miss you when you’re gone

but your no good for me

when you hurt me so

your words cut deep

we cannot repair

I’m afraid you’ve got to go

A poem about losing friends.

Being Autistic has made it more difficult for me to make friends. I don’t bond with everyone but deeply care about the friends I have. Loosing a friendship is like burying a friend.

It is a great and painful loss but if the relationship is not mutually beneficial than I can see no point.

I have Social Anxiety Disorder – sometimes I cancel plans but it doesn’t mean I did not want to hang out. My fiends feel unwanted and one by one most of them have drifted away.

People don’t understand and I can’t blame them for that – doesn’t mean it does not sting whenever it happens.


10-year-old with Asperger’s syndrome writes viral poem — WRIC

More good things from my news feed.

Benjamin’s poem was posted on April 10 and has received over 35,000 likes and 26,000 shares.

via 10-year-old with Asperger’s syndrome writes viral poem — WRIC

Autisticaplanet – Sensory Processing Disorder…Think of it this way…

If I seem distracted…if my attention suddenly wanders…

If I blurt out a word, phrase or sound when nothing apparent to you is taking place…

If I should burst into song…

If I figit, shake or shiver…

If focusing is especially difficult for me…

If I overreact (especially to a loud, sudden sound)..

If I cry when I should be laughing (or vise-versa)…

When I stim (flap my hands, rock, flail my fingers…)

When I wish to be alone…



I have Sensory Processing Disorder, a part of my being on the autistic spectrum.

As much as I will be detoured, I will find my way.

Autism is livable…for you and for me.


Guest blog by Autisticaplanet – original content can be found here.


Spring Makes Me Happy – Poetry

Spring makes me happy

Sunny skies and warm breezes

Open windows

Fresh air

Calming sounds of nature

The air smells like flowers

and the birds sound happy

I feel their joy inside me

Finally spring is here

awakening me from frigid slumber