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Asperger’s Girl- Stress, How to Manage it & Sensory Toys

Autistic people are marked by their adherence to routine and resistance to change. We find comfort in familiarity.

I like to have a plan and know what is going on also I always try to have stim toys handy.

One of my favorite YouTubers – Anja Melissa has a new video talking about how she manages stress and will deal with transitioning to a new part of her life.

Dear Society… Signed, Autism | Daniel Share-Strom | TEDxYorkUSalon

Daniel is a 26 year old man on the Autism spectrum. Like many of us, he “hates toothbrushes, loud noises, and brushing his hair.”

Autistic people are often summed up by the things that cause us problems. The world likes to focus on the negative aspects of Autism or the parts of Autism that make us different.

People with Autism grow up feeling broken and not believing in themselves – I know I’ve felt these things myself (although finding out I was Autistic helped me to accept myself more).

Awareness is not the same thing as understanding. Knowing Autism exists is not the same thing as understanding real Autistic people and their needs.

People are aware of the stigmas and the stereotypes without truly understanding us. Good intentions are great, but we need positive actions.

I can take NO credit for Daniel’s Ted Talk  below. It is amazing and shows great perspective.

TOO MUCH INFORMATION The Aspie World – Aspergers And Autism Overload

One of my favorite channels, The Aspie World, discusses Sensory Overload and some tips for dealing with and avoiding it in this video.

Once again I can NOT take any credit for this video. PLEASE check out and subscribe to The Aspie World on YouTube.

What is Neurodiversity?

To put in an overly formal way Neurodiversity is the belief that diverse neurological conditions appear as a result of normal variations in the human genome. Neurological differences should be recognized and respected as a social category on a par with gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability status.

The autism rights movement (ARM) is a social movement within the neurodiversity movement that encourages autistic people, their caregivers and society to adopt a position of neurodiversity, accepting autism as a variation in functioning rather than a mental disorder to be cured.

My neuro-profile is what makes me special. It also makes life difficult because I am more sensitive to my environment than most people.

Our differences are what makes us special. We should celebrate that our world needs all kinds of people in order for humanity to grow. Also we need to be more understanding of people’s needs.

Another great video by Amythest Schaber, host of  Ask an Autistic on YouTube and owner of the Neurowonderful blog shares her perspective on the subject.

See video HERE!

Kayleigh Kill – How To Live With IBS

More good things from my news feed.

IBS sucks. A topic that is near and dear to my heart (and many Aspies). Kayleigh Kill gives great tips and advice on living with IBS.

Once again I can NOT take credit for this video please check out Kayleigh’s YouTube channel  for more great videos.:)

10 Things Not to Say to an Autistic Person Video BBC III — Everyday Aspie

More GREAT things from my news feed. Again – I can’t take credit for this great Autism Awareness video but it was worth sharing. 🙂

I love this video for multiple reasons. It’s presented in manageable, easy-to-digest bites, it’s relevant, the participants are true autistics, and they share common challenges of those of us on the spectrum. Mostly, I appreciate how they are sharing that we are all unique. It’s nice to see fellow autistics; seeing them reinforces I’m not […]

via 10 Things Not to Say to an Autistic Person Video BBC III — Everyday Aspie