Call me Anna. Anna is NOT my real name, but I really am Autistic. In order to preserve the most true and accurate accounts of my life, and the lives of those around me I have decided to maintain this blog anonymously.

Writing is therapy, and unfortunately I am not ready to come out of the “Autistic Closet” just yet. Hopefully something that I have to share might be helpful to you in your life.

With love,

Anonymously Autistic “Anna”


144 thoughts on “About”

        1. Thank you Lydia, to be perfectly honest I’ve actually been nominated for this award in the past but due to the amount of award nominations I get (I still can’t believe this blog is so popular) I’ve stopped accepting them (because they would flood my page) I really really truly appreciate the thought. YOU are too kind! ❤

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          1. I totally understand I will probably go “award free” now that this one is done. I got two others for the same award (like one per year!) as well as a few others. Just take the recognition and don’t do the work 😉

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#ActuallyAutistic – An Aspie obsessed with writing. This site is intend to inspire through sharing stories & experiences. The opinions of the writers are their own. I am just an Autistic woman – NOT a medical professional.

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